It’s Friday the 13th! I should be nervous but to quote a famous Hillbilly TV show from the past “If it weren’t fer bad luck I’d have no luck at all” so I don’t worry about superstitions like that and I’m glad I didn’t because it was a very good night. In my riffing at the beginning of the night it turned out there was a doctor in the audience who was here in town but has been living in France as a General Practitioner and I addressed the fact that he was clearly English speaking due to the fact he didn’t say “Uhhhhh” before speaking as I noted that whenever I’ve watched French Canadian programs I always see them do that before speaking, then I got to do a joke I’d done decades ago and it went over very well, talking about how I used to love watching “Musique Plus” as they would speak French and then slip a few English words in there and that made me giggle, and then I added a part about how it sounded like speaking French was clearly like they were revving their engines before they spoke. It was probably one of the best bits of the night for me, and I enjoyed the reaction.

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