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Mondegreen Means Go

Back at the Pro/Am for Yuk’s in Halifax, and tonight I want to try out the new material that I had ready for the last time I was here and see if it works or not. If you hadn’t read my entry for the last time I was here I had changed my song lineup at the last minute to add another song parody into the lineup and that meant that I used up my time before I got to try out the new song for Canadian Mondegreens that I’d written so this time I was going to give it a go.

First up I did the new version of songs going commercial, and by the time I got to the Neil Young song the audience was giggling and laughing so hard during it that the punchline was huge to them, and that was totally unexpected, I didn’t think it was going to get as huge a response as it did, then doing the Kiss parody after it really worked out well so that’s a keeper.

Now it was time for the Canadian Mondegreens, if you are reading this and you are asking yourself “what is a mondegreen?” then you’re not alone, when I started the bit I asked for a round of applause how many people knew what one was and there wasn’t one clap. A mondegreen is the name given to the mistake made when you hear the lyrics to a song, and you misunderstand what you’ve heard. The most famous example of that is the song “Purple Haze” by Jimi Hendrix when he sang “‘scuse me while I kiss the sky” people heard it as “‘scuse me while I kiss this guy” and thought those were the real words. So I picked a few songs I’ve heard that are Canadian in origin and played what I thought were the misheard versions. I wasn’t sure how they’d go over, because maybe they were obscure enough that people wouldn’t know the originals, and the first song which was “Feel Like Dancin’” by Headpins seemed to confirm that fear, but they got the rest of the songs so that all worked out. Now I tried it out and it worked well, but it’s got to go through two more tests before I keep it, so I’ll see what happens.

So far so good though.

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