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More About My Day and Less About the Show

I’m at Yuk’s tonight and I’m headlining the Pro-Am again for the second time and I looked forward to it. Not only do I not have to worry about how much time I’m doing on stage, I’m also hoping that the new Winter song will go over well. For tonight against my better judgement and usual traditions (read superstitions) I ordered food before the show, simply because I didn’t have time to make myself dinner before I left the apartment. And I didn’t have time because my day was really screwed up.

On the 25th of this month I will be going to the Hospital to have a lymphoma removed, a fatty tumor, which has been an actual pain in my back for well over two years now and today they sent me to the hospital to have blood work done, so I was told to be there for 11 but I got there around 9am to get done and go home and sleep. When I finally got to the intake desk the woman asked me for my paperwork, of which I had none, and she called someone who said they had my paperwork at the Reception area and I had to book in there, so I went back there and was informed it was bloodwork and an ECG or EKG I can never remember, I just know I get excited because I think they’re saying XKG and that sounds like a Jaguar Car model and I think I’m getting a new car. So, I go back to get my bloodwork done with the proper paperwork, then I get sent to my ECGKG Jaguar and instead of having to wait an hour to get it done I’m admitted right away and I’m out of the hospital by 10:30! One hour’s time in total! Woo! I head home and go to sleep, setting my alarm to wake me up for 6:45 so I can be up to make dinner and then go to Yuk’s.

My body decided at 2:45 I should wake up and check my phone, which I do and before I can go back to sleep I look at the time and think to myself, “This is the time I’ll be at the airport tomorrow to pick up the Headliner for the show this weekend, Nick Beaton, as I’ve offered him a lift.” which I did because I know that coming from the airport to downtown is a huge hassle, you either pay a huge amount for a cab ride because it’s 30 minutes from the airport to the hotel, or you take a bus which is an hour’s ride in, and if you miss it you’re waiting another hour for the next one.

It was just as I drifted off to sleep, I had a thought…what if Nick was coming in today, and not tomorrow? I checked our conversation and not once did he or I say “Thursday”. Shit! I send him a message and no reply. I check the plane, it’s early and has already arrived! Double Shit! I call the hotel and ask if he’s booked to arrive today? No. Phew! Oh wait, he’s not booked for tomorrow either? Triple shit, that doesn’t mean he’s not coming! So, I get dressed, get in the car and start driving to the airport in case I’m wrong and he is coming today, and don’t I get caught in a massive line of traffic and get stuck in a huge delay? I’m thinking “Shit! What if Nick’s at the airport and he’s thinking ‘Fucking Guy! Offered me a ride and doesn’t show up?! What a dick move!” It was at that point I see a reply from Nick, it IS tomorrow, and I can head home. Phew.

So that was resolved, and I head home and back to sleep, but short about an hour so I change my time to wake up for 7 now, losing 15 minutes of prep time for the night.

As for the show, it went well and the new Winter Songs do nicely, but I’m too tired to care and I have to get to work.

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