Nothing makes me more nervous than when I’m debuting a new bit on stage, especially when I’m not sure how it’s going to be perceived by the crowd. These days when you write material, I think mainly for myself as I can’t speak for other comics, I want to make sure I’m not saying something that is considered offensive or controversial. I’m not out to offend anyone, to be fair I’m sure no matter what I do I’m bound to offend someone, not everyone finds what I do funny or thinks I’m being neutral, but for the most part I do tend to think before I present something. For tonight I’ve written a song about what happened to me at Bainfest last month when I was propositioned by a young woman who was very drunk and how I dealt with it, and I worry about if the material will be seen as “Mansplaining” or “Male-centric” or whatever else can be said to describe my song as wrong.

No need to worry again, the song went over well, and I got a huge response from it so it’s definitely a keeper. Laughs where I expected it and more when I hadn’t, overall that’s a win for me as far as I’m concerned. Onwards and upwards.

The nice thing about writing the song was I met up with two other comics the night before, Adrienne Gabrielle and Alva Marie Sparkles, and we had a writers meeting to go over some jokes we were working on and I told them about the one I performed tonight and they helped me change a line or two because although I thought it was funny, it came across as more sad than funny. I can’t remember who said it but the response was “It isn’t as much funny as much as I want to give you a hug after you said it because I felt sad for you” which wasn’t a line you want to hear about a comedy song, so I made a change to the line and then that lead to two more changes I made last night while I was working so it was ready for tonight. Nothing is written in stone and things can always be improved. Always got to remember that.

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