Tonight after the two days of Bainfest I’m performing in a club at Sniggly Wiggly’s, my plan was to bring my guitar and try out the new material I wrote that I tried out in Yuk’s the week before, but after I got home today I unpacked my car, put everything away and had a nap, only to be woken up by the biggest thunder crashes and then BLOOP out goes the power. I had to decide what to do, I normally have a power failure and then it’s restored about an hour later, but it was about 5:30 when it started and then by the time I had to make a decision on what to do the power was still out and I definitely couldn’t get the car out of the garage, and I didn’t want to walk the guitar all the way to Argyle Street, so I just had a quick cold shower and walked to the show without a guitar, having had to escape the building as the elevators were out, and did my set without.

My set was okay, I tried out a few things at first about the weekend, especially telling the story about my ‘date’ on Friday night, but that didn’t get a good reaction so I’ll either have to work on it or just give it a pass. The rest of my set was just impressions and a few off handed jokes, but at least I got some laughs, so I’ll say it was a good night, but I think I’d have been better if I brought a guitar. Next time that happens I may just give in and bring the 12 string instead.

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