Andrew Evans was nice enough to ask me to accompany him off to a Private Show in Western Shore and we drove out to do the show trusting the GPS to find our way there. It sort of did, but we had to make an adjustment when the orginal route wanted us to drive through someone’s back yard and through their fence. 🙂


The place we were playing was the Atlantica Hotel Oak Island, and we were performing in a little conference room in front of a nice crowd of people who really loved the show. We were warned ahead of time that the show had to be clean, so we adjusted our performance accordingly, which wasn’t too hard for me, just remove one or two bits, take out some swear words and voila! I was ready to go.


We also were allowed to enjoy some really nice food, which included muscles, but I sadly avoided them just because I’d had a bad stomach the night before and didn’t want to take a chance.

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