From a Show Wednesday when I felt very included, comes tonight, when I did a show and I felt like I’ve been wasting my time doing shows.


We were at Monte’s on Waverley Rd tonight, and the show was set to start at 7pm, and that wasn’t a good start. Most comedy shows start at 8pm, it gives people a chance to get home, have dinner, spend time with family etc, then come to a show. Because there was a band coming on after us, we had to be finished before 9pm so the show had to start at 7 and be done by 8:30. So while Chanel was onstage, people are still coming into the place and we’ve got a huge crowd by the time she’s finished her set. So that doesn’t help.


Then, during all the night, there’s one table of people, who are loud, and don’t want to shut up through the show. At all. And despite being told to shut up by Marc, despite being engaged by Chanel to try and get them to pay attention, they just don’t want to bother. Twice I told them to shut up, and I normally don’t act like that, I just gloss it over, but I was so irritated and told them to shut up.


By the time I was doing my Bubbles impression one of the table shouts out “PLAY LIQUOR AND WHORES” and I explained I can’t play that song, I could get sued, but I play a version for them I can get away with. So I sang “Shut the Fuck Up, Shut the Fuck Up, No one wants to hear another fucking word from you, Shut the Fuck up”.


They laughed.


But they didn’t shut the fuck up.


So I left the stage with some applause and a desire to use my guitar for something other than performing.


And of course, wasn’t that guy the one outside who smiled and said it was a great show and we were hilarious.



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