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Nov 30th Show 1 of 2

One show of two tonight, we’ve got a back to back show situation here! This first show is sold out, with a packed house of about 150 people all here to see the show and have some fun, and we are not about to disappoint them, so we hit the stage and from start to finish they were a great audience and they got a lot of great comedy. For my part my riffing at the start was great, I got some great lines and the audience was really helping me out giving me some great material to work with and I felt like things were going to work out for all the comics.

One of the things about doing stand up comedy is having a good night compared to having a bad night, I think it’s true with any job that you might have, you’re going to have bad days and good days, but with comedy I think you can have a bad night that leaves you with a feeling that you’re wasting your time doing this, and it’s been said to me and other comedians many a time; “When this stops being fun, and you’re no longer enjoying it, it’s time to stop”. I’ve said this many times before, but for me I keep a spread sheet to remind myself for any bad show I’ve had there’s been a lot more good ones to keep me going. Tonight is one of the good ones that remind me why I do this and continue to perform.

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