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Nov 30th Show 2 of 2

The second of two shows for the night and after the first crowd things are different this time around. I started doing my crowd work and the crowd is not laughing or seeming to enjoy it as much as the first crowd. Could it be that they’re too tired? Could it be my material? No matter what the answer is they’re not as vocal a crowd as the first show, so I’ve got to work harder and keep the show going.

Now, the best way to gauge a show is at the end, because despite any lack of outward vocal appreciation during the show, you can tell if people had a fun time or not based on their applause at the end of the night, because they will let you know if they didn’t have a good night or not, they can be very honest at this point, the show is over and they have nothing to prove, they just have to get up and leave, which I will point out no one did during the show (that I could see anyways) sometimes when we’re performing I have sat at the back of the room and watched as people get up and leave during an act, mostly because they either have other plans they want to get to, or someone is not having fun and both partners leave together.

Tonight no one left and when I was saying my good nights they were cheering and applauding each act that I announced and the staff and management, so clearly they did have a good night, but just weren’t openly vocal about it. That means we did our job, but they were just unable to do their part as much as we’d have liked. In the end, we got through it and that’s what counts.

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