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Rodeo Show

Good Morning All and welcome to my first Blog on my website! A few things I wanted to put in here for the first ever entry;

I will sometimes use this to put in some of my thoughts on various topics when the mood strikes me, but mostly this is a place for me to review shows so I have a running history of how they turned out for my own personal use/memory bank.

So, in saying so, this is where I mention that I performed at the Rodeo Club in Dartmouth last night, and what a show it was! The crowd alternated between hot and cold for the acts before me. I ended up on last and watching the previous acts like Bill Woods and Daniel Hayes, as well as Marc Sauve get lukewarm responses made me nervous.

My biggest worry was I was trying out a new bit, where I sang the song “Friends in Do-nut Places” (ala Friends in Low Places) as Bubbles and wasn’t sure how well it would go over. The thing is, if you’re doing new material, it hurts to do it in front of a crowd that might not laugh at it. But lucky for me they loved it, and I got a really good response from it.

Next Show is Saturday in Sackville, NS

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