Last night of the weekend at Yuk’s and I’m looking forwards to this show, the place is packed and I’m ready to go. The crowd was amazing, and they loved everything we did, we had a total 180 from Thursday where they hardly laughed at anything to tonight where they pretty much laughed at everything and we barely had to work at it. For a change I brought out “The Modern Maritimer” as I have had that song for over a year and I hardly play it, so I thought I should play it again and see if it’s still good and it was. I’ve shortened the song by taking out one verse because even though at the time it made sense to me, I thought it really didn’t fit into the theme of the song and to be honest it’s long enough without it so out it goes.

It was a fantastic end to the weekend and I’m looking forwards to when I’m back next month! 😀

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