Tonight’s show is in Shelburne Nova Scotia, and it’s for a Firefighter’s banquet with Mark Walker, and just the two of us are going to be performing for the night in a Fire Hall. The show was a great night for us both, we got some great laughs and they were telling us afterwards how much they enjoyed the two of us, so that was good to hear. For Mark and me the show was fun, but I think getting a huge meal at the start was a huge bonus as well! The Ladies Auxiliary put together such a great meal, mixed veggies, meat, potatoes, stuffing, etc.…daaaamn. There was dessert offered afterwards but there was no way I could eat anything more after that!

For the most part, doing a show like this is part of what I love about doing comedy, driving to a town far out into the province, meeting a lot of really nice people and making them laugh for a night is a great way to spend an evening as far as I’m concerned, but even better for me is having someone like Mark in the car and spending the trip there and home hearing such amazing stories from his career from over the last 20 years or more is very valuable! I’ve never laughed harder or been in such awe hearing about the people he’s worked with, or known personally, in this business and I’m learning so much, I’m entertained and I’m envious because he’s had a life in comedy, I wish I had.

Mark said he should write a book about his experiences.

I’d certainly want to read it if he did.

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