First of three shows this weekend with Neal Mundle and Garrett Clark and the club is having a show tonight as a fundraiser for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, so we’re performing in front of a crowd looking forwards to jokes and having a good time for a good cause! We start off the show and this crowd is really good! They’re having fun, they’re paying attention and the jokes are going over so well! My material for the night isn’t deviating much from the usual, but I’ve decided it’s good to just stay with my usual for the night as I don’t want to try new material out on a fundraiser. I have my new song I wanted to use, but I kind of felt they weren’t going to be appreciative of such an adult topic. I was wrong, because when Garrett hit the stage his dirty material went over well so I could have tried it.

Ah well.

In my haste to leave the apartment to get here I realized I left my recording device at home, and I hate using my phone while I’m onstage, so I ended up not recording my set, which was a shame because it was a lot of fun, especially the riffing on the audience at the beginning. At one point as I was chatting with the audience I asked if anyone else had anything they were celebrating or if they travelled a long way to come to the show and a woman yelled out “Play yer guitar!” and I replied gesturing towards her “My ex-wife is in the audience tonight ladies and gentleman” and that got a huge laugh.

On to tomorrow.

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