Last night of the three and this crowd is one of those weird ones that seem to work together as a group, they will all either laugh at something or not laugh at it as an entire group, and if they do laugh it’s like a short burst and then stop. I don’t know if they co-ordinate it mentally or we just happened to attract Martians tonight, but that’s what happens. It was also weird because we had a Bachelorette party and usually they can be trouble because they want to be the focus of attention, but again, that never happened. You could attribute that to a full moon maybe? I dunno how them thangs werk.

The other thing was day three and it’s a third day of recording problems. In an earlier post I mentioned how I bought myself a lavaliere mic, so I can record better as the Sony MP3 recorder sitting in my jacket pocket is too close to the guitar so it misses everything else, and the lavaliere not only gives me a better recording I have to say the quality of it sounds like a professional studio recording and the audience sounds like canned laughter to me, it’s just really surprisingly clear and fantastic. Well, guess who forgot to turn the lavaliere off and drain the battery? This guy. So I put the recorder in my jacket pocked and yeah, all I can really hear is the guitar. Yay.

Ah well, it’s just one of those weekends. On to the next one.

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