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Redemption Celebration

Well, from yesterday’s cancelled show we go to this show, which has a large audience and a great crowd! From the start to finish they were pretty well behaved and loved everyone on the show, so that was awesome. For my opening I tried my best to be well spoken, and clearly enunciate my words compared with how I normally perform, and I think that made a world of difference. I had one of the best Emcee spots I’ve had so far, and was even complimented by the manager who said as much, so after yesterday I feel a whole lot better.

You see, yesterday I felt awful, we started a show and then it got cancelled, and when the four women left after my set I thought it was my fault, and even though the manager said they said it wasn’t, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to think it’s my fault anyways, because that’s how my mind works, and my mind is a dick to me.

Tonight I had a great set, the show went fantastic and as I was leaving two of the audience members stopped me on the way out to tell me how great they loved the show and my performance. One of them said he’s been going to the club for 10 years and wondered why he hadn’t seen me here before. You hear that head office? Booking agent? I’m not performing at the club enough! (hint hint)

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