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Road Trip and Pizza

Tonight I drove to Moncton in order to perform at the comedy club Hell’s Basement, and performing there is an awesome experience. For the most part whenever you go to a club to perform you are performing in a bar, and people will come in off the street, maybe not exactly interested in comedy, but anyplace to drink is a good place and the fact there’s comedy going on is a bonus, but that means that you have people who either become restless or way too drunk and you’re going to have problems with the audience. With Hell’s Basement this is a unique place, it’s more like the old speakeasies of the Prohibition Era, there’s no signage outside to indicate the club exists, just a small sticker on the door that tells you it’s there and it’s in the entry to a Subway Sandwich shop so you may not even realize it’s there. To get in you have to buzz and the doorman has to let you in, so already there’s someone blocking you from getting in if you’re way too drunk or not really interested in comedy. The club’s patrons have been awesome, this is my second time there and they really all just love comedy and they want to laugh so they’ve been attentive and appreciative and lots of fun. So coming out here is a joy.

Now, the other thing about travelling to Moncton to do this show is I brought another comic with me who hadn’t done a show at this club yet, Alva-Marie Sparkles, and one of the joys about travelling with her is we have a great time talking about everything under the sun while we drive there, and when you’re spending a long time travelling to a show it’s always great to have someone to talk to and the more time you spend having a conversation that’s so engaging the less time you spend looking at the time to see how much longer you have until you arrive, so that’s why taking Alva with me was a huge bonus because not only is she a funny comedian but time went by so fast on the trip there and the trip back that it was almost like we just drove around the corner instead of 5 hours there and back.

As an added bonus I got to stop on the way home and get Acropole Pizza which is one of my favourite things to do, and also introduce Alva to it. Hopefully I’ve created another addict 😉

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