Doing a guest spot at Yuk’s tonight, and as I did earlier in the week I’m working on the two songs I’ve been performing at open mics the last two weeks, “Too Drunk to Fuck” and “Bondage Porn Song” and this is the clincher for the test, because this is a comedy show in a comedy club with people who have paid to see a comedy show, and if they like the songs then they’re keepers….

So they’re keepers.

At first, I did “Too Drunk to Fuck” and there wasn’t much laughing going on, just a few people I could hear giggling and one or two laughs but not much so I’m thinking that the song isn’t doing well, but when I finished a huge cheer and applause! Wow! They were paying attention so much they wanted to hear every word! Damn.

Then I do Bondage Porn and that went so fast but there were laughs pretty much all the way through and again a huge reaction at the end so that was awesome.

And if I want to keep thinking I’m a monster the fact that two women said to me after the show that they loved the songs should let me know I’m not the monster I think I am. I’m just a kinky guy who’s funny. That’s it.

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