Show 1 of 2 for the night, I was a bit tired as I spent the day in America with my friend Scott and bought some groceries and sundries while over there, it was my first-time cross border shopping and 7 year old me was so excited! Growing up in Ontario we watched Saturday Morning cartoons from the US stations in Buffalo, NY so we saw a lot of advertisements for products that we never got in Toronto, so for my groceries I bought a few things that I had coveted for years and never had; Peter Pan Peanut Butter, Keebler Cookies, Squirt Soda, etc. It was an experience being in the city I’d heard about for decades but never saw in person, and now I can say I have seen it and been in it!

The first show was great, we had a good crowd and they were happy to be there for the show and we all did well, I did pretty much the same set as yesterday and was happy with the results, my riffing with the audience wasn’t as much fun as the night before, but then I was kind of off being so tired anyways that I’m just happy I got through the show.

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