I’m at the Economy Shoe Shop tonight and I’m performing songs again for the first time since March. I couldn’t help myself, I had an idea and I wrote it out and decided to try it out, and the funny thing is as I’m sitting here typing this on my laptop I don’t remember how I came up with it. Normally I have an idea as to why I wrote something, but I just know it came to me and I wrote it out, I was at work I know that much. The idea was I took three Barenaked Ladies songs and made them about Coronavirus and that was my idea, but it didn’t work out as I’d wanted.

First off I did a revamped version of “The Ballad of Ian Black’s Pants” and that went very well, I had disliked the last verse of it but didn’t have anything to replace it, but I wrote another ending and tried it out at the show and I think it worked much better and will likely keep it. Then I did the Barenaked Ladies parody but kept forgetting the words and chords and finished it early, so I was disappointed and wanted to finish on a stronger note and tried to do the “Fart Jokes” songs but I haven’t done it in so long I forgot the chords! I screwed that up and just left the stage.

Oh, I did try out a new impression in between the songs, where I did Donald Trump being inaugurated for his second term and admits he wasn’t really Trump but Skeletor, but I think that half works, that Trump worked out well but Skeletor wasn’t a good fit, so I’ll try other voices and see what happens. Don’t know when the next show will be, but we’ll find out.

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