So it’s the first show since I’ve come back to Halifax, and the first since the “incident” that happened Sunday night. For those who don’t know, and for some who don’t read this it won’t matter anyways, but on Sunday the 16th I was walking out of the Toothy Moose with Ian Black, when two young guys approached us and demanded we give them Ian’s pants. Ian’s guess was they wanted the pants to get into a club because one guy was wearing a track suit instead of jeans, so they figured we’d be easy marks to steal the pants from and Ian was about the same size as the guy in the track suit.

They were wrong. And we put up a fight, and one of them ended up arrested. So Ian’s story made headlines, but I’m being very quiet about it. Doesn’t mean that I can’t end up with something out of it, so I wrote a song about the story, and performed it here at Bearly’s tonight, which was a lot of fun, because I had the band join me in playing and Ben did a Solo on the harmonica during the song, and the whole thang was a joy to play. The other songs, not so much that night, but otherwise it was a lot of fun. Don’t know if I’ll ever play the song again, by the time I hit an open mic next I’ll be probably another two weeks and the story will be pretty stale by then.

Then again, we’re comedians, if there’s a good laugh in something, we’ll flog it to death, who am I kidding?

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