I’m at Sniggly Wiggly’s tonight, and I’ve got a new song to try out and see how it works, I wrote a song I call my dating history and I wanted to see if it is funny enough to keep or a waste of time. So that was my first song and it got a light chuckle and I forgot the last verse. Now, when I perform something new I give it three attempts, and if it passes all three times it’s a keeper, but if it fails and I mark it as a strike against it, two out of three is a fail and it gets put away. For this one it was a foul ball because it was hard to gauge it when I couldn’t even remember the end verse, so I will have to try again at another open mic.

The second song and the last for the night (because I only had 10 minutes) was the impressions and I did the new additions I have added and it definitely went over well, so that’s a keeper.

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