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Taking a Tip From Mrs. Maisel

A guest spot at Yuk’s tonight and I’m performing without my guitar again because I have worked on some material and I wanted to try it out and fine tune it to see if it’s working. It’s funny to say this, but I’ve been watching the show “Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” and I noted that during one episode when it showed her working on her sets she is fine tuning her material by doing a joke, then not getting the laugh she wants you see her trying it again a different night and she’s improving but still not there, then the next night she does it and it gets a huge laugh. Now I know that it’s meant to be a progression of time and not necessarily three days to perfection, but it made me realize when I write my jokes I should try and find the right words and not just throw the idea out there first. When I write funny songs it’s easier because there’s a rhyming scheme and I have to follow it, but when they’re jokes it’s a different story so in the past I’ve said a joke in my head, and then said it onstage, but for tonight’s routine I spent two days in my head saying the joke over and over so it sounded right and the subject wasn’t derogatory or self-deprecating. Sadly old habits die hard and I threw some abuse jokes in there, but to be fair it was part of the joke in the first place so it was hard to completely remove, but I got the jokes in there and they were much better than before, so this is working out for me!

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