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Technology…it’s a cursed blessing…

Final show at Yuk’s in Halifax and the place is packed and they’re a happy crowd and eager to hear some comedy, which you can tell because they’re not screaming out insane and stupid comments every few minutes! No, this is a good crowd, they’re listening, they’re laughing and they’re enjoying themselves.

My crowd work tonight worked much better than the last few nights and I felt better about my set, and overall it was a lot of fun this weekend, but tonight was the icing on the cake so to speak.

My only downside was my recording. It’s always good when you’re doing comedy to keep a recording of your sets, you will know what worked and what didn’t, if you add something new you’ll have a record of it so you can’t forget what you said, you can hear your speed and timing so you can learn to either slow something down or pause longer and so on. The main reason I also record my sets is so that when I have nights when I have a terrible set, or the crowd isn’t that welcoming to me I can go back and listen to the sets that really worked well and remind myself that it’s not always this way.

When I look back at my recordings, I thought I bought this little MP3 recorder about 3 years ago, but I see according to my records that I actually bought this little guy in 2014, and he’s been super reliable and a really good device, so I highly recommend it to anyone. I know some people use their phones to record their sets, but I’ve watched other comics have problems with theirs, the worst was Paul Warford who I watched on a few occasions curse his phone for cutting off the recordings because a notification came in or the phone decided there was an app that needed to run instead of his recording app, so after that I decided that I would invest the money in a stand alone recorder.

As for this weekend’s recordings, well I fucked up because I bought that lavaliere mic and had it set up to record…except I forgot to turn the power switch on, so all I ended up recording tonight was silence, so I didn’t get a copy of my set. Luckily Andrew Vaughan had recorded a video of the whole show and he gave me a video copy of what he saved, so I did get something I can keep from it. I’m guessing if I want to progress in this business, I should also make video clips of my sets, but I have to say when it comes to my performances, I am happy to listen but I’m not big on watching it.

Which is strange, because in my younger years I loved watching myself on TV, when I was in my teenage years I was lucky enough to be involved with local cable and had the opportunity to be a part of a goofy show where we lip-synched to pop music bands and pretended to be a  video show, it was great and I still will watch those every so often.

Not now though. I don’t like watching me now.

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