Off to Nackawic, NB to perform at the Big Axe Brewery with Jason Allen and it was an epic journey to get there and another epic journey to get home, which doesn’t detract from the show but it does add a dimension to the story; I left Halifax around 10am because this was going to be a 5 hour trip to get there and I had to pick up Jason on the way there, so leaving early meant getting there early enough to relax before the show and enjoy the trip instead of panicking and rushing to get there. On the way I decided to listen to “Ozzy’s Boneyard” which is a channel on the SiriusXM radio and get in touch with my metal roots seeing as Jason was also a huge fan it would give us something to listen to as we went. For 5 hours I had a very happy trip because there were some songs I hadn’t heard in ages and some I loved and were glad to hear again, with maybe only two I wasn’t too excited about but wasn’t about to change the station over either.

We arrived in plenty of time to get our rooms and rest  up before the show, the venue put us up in the Big Axe Bed and Breakfast which was about two doors down from the brewery and they were excellent to us and I would definitely recommend anyone else to stay there if they plan on being in the area, Jason’s room even had a little sitting area with a small table. The view was awesome as well, with the river flowing across the road from our little space and very picturesque.

Now the show…at first I was a bit worried, there wasn’t a huge crowd there but then it wasn’t a huge room either, so it evened out, but I was more worried they weren’t laughing much at first, and I have to admit it might have been my choice of starting with the “Songs Aging” might not have been the best choice seeing as most of the audience were older than me to begin with, but I had played it before to people the same age and older and got a huge response so I gave it a go and it didn’t do as well as it has. Maybe they were offended, or maybe they just don’t know the songs as well as some smaller towns tend to be more geared towards Country music than pop music so that’s a risk I take.

They did warm up though and by the time I got to Jaques and Dianne they were laughing, and things were back to normal and I ended my set well and set it up for Jason to take over and he did really well and ended the show on a huge laugh and we could relax. I hope they have another one of these shows in the future because it was really worth the drive and I’m thinking a few other local comics could do really well here. Just a note to anyone who is going there in future…that audience really liked the dirty jokes. Just sayin’.

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