It’s the first night of three at Yuk’s this weekend, and the Covid-19 virus is in the air. Not literally but it’s a topic that has to come up and I have to address it as the elephant in the room with a cold that it is, but my little joke about it doesn’t go over as well as I’d wanted but at least I brought up the subject, that’s part of what I have to do, I suppose I could have gone the whole night and not discussed it, but let’s be honest, some people come to a comedy show to get away from reality, but we’re comedians and we address things that need to be addressed. My attempt at humour was talking about how as a society I thought we’d advanced, noting that watching “Horrible Histories” has improved my knowledge about past behaviour and what we thought was acceptable, and I thought I’d point out that in the days of the Black Plague people actually thought sickness was due to odours and the best way to counteract said odours was to use equally offensive odours, which led to the Wiffy Jar which was a jar someone farted into and that was sealed and if someone was ill you gave them the jar and they inhaled the fart and that combatted illness. I said how I’d like to think we are a more advanced civilization now and would know better, but people fighting over toilet paper clearly means we’re not. I guess it was a good point but not a good joke.

Otherwise my set went well, I did the minimal of material because we had such a great show I didn’t need to do over my time. Got to love that kind of night.

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