So after having a nice show on the Wednesday, I was hoping for another nice night on the next night…hope springs eternal, but in this case there was a busted spring. From the start of the show, it was a mess. The audience was very small compared to what we’d hoped for. They didn’t want to laugh at anything for the most part, and by the time I’d hit the stage, we had 6 people left at the stage to watch the show.

Marc used A material….nothing.
Brian Aylward used his considerable skills….nothing
Paul Warford gave it a shot with his patented good humour…zip
I barely got of stage with a whoop.

Thank God for those sexy 6 ladies in the front and the sweet girls from in the back of the club laughing at points to keep us going, otherwise this would have been without a doubt one of those cricket chirpers you so dread in this business of funniness.

May not be any other shows until Jan 6th, so in case you don’t see me here before then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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