My first time at Gus’s Pub since 2018, it’s not very often I get out to perform here, as I am always working on a Monday it’s hard to get the time to perform and it’s also hard to perform here after working two twelve hour shifts the two days before, but I made myself promise to get out and do more open mics whether I want to or not, and I booked this show and I showed up. As we were limited to less time than usual by the host as he felt we had a late start and should finish on time I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked but I thought this was a good time to try out something I’d been working on; See sometimes when you have a song you wanted to parody, you have to learn how to play it and if you can get away with just playing chords and singing that isn’t too hard to learn, but in this case I’ve parodied the song “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish and I wasn’t able to learn how to play the notes and sing it at the same time, so I came up with a solution, if I sing it a Capella and it gets a laugh then I’ll learn to play it and if it doesn’t, I won’t bother. The thing about a song like this is when you’re playing music I’ve learned you can get to a point where your hands automatically work the guitar without you looking at the notes you’re playing, it takes a lot of repetition, but it eventually works. My best example of that is my parody of Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison, I can play that without even thinking but when I first played it I messed it up several times and it wasn’t easy.

Weirdly enough when I used to act on stage I had something similar happen, I’ve heard there are some actors who can play a part on stage and they’ve done it so often they can be concentrating on things in their minds like their Grocery Lists, or what they want for dinner later on, or even something they have been working on in their mind and their mouths are still speaking the words of the play they’re performing. I did that once and it scared the life out of me, I was onstage and I was doing a scene with a woman and in the middle of one of my speeches for some reason I was thinking about something and my mind wandered and I suddenly realized I’m on stage and I’m speaking but the words are coming out and I’m not even thinking about it and I panicked so when my next line came I drew a blank because I didn’t know where the hell I was in the play!

Only did that once in stand up, and I don’t like doing it then, I think I should be more in the moment when I’m performing then.

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