Doing the Pro-Am tonight, which means I’m trying out some new songs to see if they work, and tonight I’m not only playing the guitar but I’m playing the harmonica as well because I’m doing a parody Bob Dylan style tonight, a song I wrote with the title of my album “The Age of Senility” because I’m hoping to do a Led Zeppelin style thing where the title of my album will be a song on my next album 😊

So when it’s my time to perform I started off with “The Age of Senility” and it got some laughs so it’s worth trying again, then came time to try out the other song I wrote which is “I Can’t Be Lonely (Cause you won’t leave me)” but here’s the problem…I was so concentrated on my first song that when I try to sing this song it sounds like the first one and I can’t remember how it goes. Two attempts and I give up because I honestly can’t remember how it goes and decide to just do the BDSM song instead and that gets a laugh and that was my time, so I get off the stage. It was funny but I wish I had remembered how it went.

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