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Trying Another Song Parody Again…

I headed down to the Loose Cannon to do a set, as I’ve got a new parody, I wanted to try out so I’m going to see how it works. As I’ve done before, I’ve written stuff and it didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted it to, so I pack it away and then later on I bring it out and decide it wasn’t really all bad, maybe I should try it a different way. The parody about songs aging was like that, I liked the response one of the songs got, but not too much the other two, so I re-wrote it and now it’s one of my best received parodies, so I tried to do the same again.

This time I wrote a song about the terrible winter conditions here in Halifax, parodying three songs as usual they were Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond, Fire and Rain by James Taylor and Canadian Railroad Trilogy by Gordon Lightfoot. It didn’t get a huge response but the Canadian Railroad Trilogy did get some laughs so I decided to revisit it but here’s the thing, when I was reviewing how to play that song I realized that it needed a capo to play it and when you have to remove it you have to stop and put it back on the head of the guitar, and that takes time, so I realized that’s going to cause a problem and that song is cut now too. But I’d come up with two songs that I thought really worked well and wanted to try them out, so now I had to find a replacement for that song which I did, and I am really happy with the results and I want to try them out, which again is why I’m at the Loose Cannon.

I’d say they were a good response, but the thing about doing an open mic when people aren’t expecting comedy can be a hard way to tell if you’re getting a good response or not, so it’s not conclusive. The room can be somewhat confusing to read as it is. There are people in the room sitting near the stage who are paying attention who are definitely enjoying what you’re doing, but there’s other people in the room who are having conversations and not paying attention and that’s all you can think of. The people who did pay attention did compliment me on my set, but the funny part was there was a man sitting at the other end of the large table I’d been at, and he said I did a great “Sex Pistol’s” impression, had I considered doing the Ramones? They were one of the bands I parodied in the Winter song, so clearly, I hadn’t conveyed that, and he was kind of embarrassed he missed that when I pointed it out.

Meh, I did the same to my friend Christian in high school, he was in a band and they were playing in the school’s talent show and afterwards I told him how great the band sounded and had they ever considered doing “Wasted” by Def Leppard? “We just DID that song” he replied. Egg…on…my…face. So, I knew exactly what that felt like.

That would be trial #1, time to go to trial #2 tomorrow at Yuk’s.

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