Well, I have two shows to talk about here…first off I did a show with Paul Warford and Marc Sauve in a Funny Fundraiser for East Coast Hockey at the Rodeo Club. The show was a lot of fun, and for the first time we used the stage at the club instead of standing on the stage.
Paul is a very funny guy and audiences will like his set!

Tonight we had a Funny Fundraiser in Bedford, with Marc Sauve, Josh Dunn and Brian Aylward at Brewsters. The club was packed and my set was fun, except for when the sound cut out and I ended up blowing out my voice shouting for a bit. It was nice to see Josh again after quite awhile having missed his sets, and I didn’t get to stick around to see Brian’s set, but Brian always has amazing crowd skills so I’m sure he did great. Marc was definitely on his game tonight, the crowd were loving his sets, and it was nice his wife Catherine joined us to watch the show along with Brian’s Wife Janice. The thing about the wives coming to see the shows is I always have to keep myself from watching them when the jokes are about them. LOL

Two Great Shows, next scheduled show will be at the Rodeo on the 14th.

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