It’s Valentine’s Day!

And I could care less!! Fuck Valentine’s Day!

But I have a show to do, and guess what? It’s SOLD OUT!! So we have an awesome show to do and let’s get to her! I had a great time during the opening and tried to get the crowd going which I managed to do and then brought up the acts for the night, and we all had great sets.

My favourite part was kind of bad on my part, I was just putting my guitar away at the back of the room when Travis started his set and he asked the audience to make some noise if they were there as couples and there was a large roar from the crowd, and then asked to hear from the single people there that night and from the back of the room I yelled out “FUCK YOU”!! which made him laugh, so I felt okay that I did that, but part of me wished I hadn’t, it wasn’t very professional of me, but it just struck me at the moment. Ah well, live and learn.

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