Where were you born? In a barn? No, can’t say that I was, but I can say I’ve done a show in one! Tonight I’m in Upper Kennetcook at a campground called Shenanigans where I’m performing with Andrew Evans and Ian Black. The trip there was uneventful and we found the campground with no idea what to expect, only to find the location was originally a farm that was converted to a campground, with the house as the camp office/store and the barn as the entertainment venue, so we are performing in a converted barn where there is an actual stage and sound system in place! When we arrived there were a few chairs set up in front of the stage and looking at it I think, “well, it’s a few seats, not as many as I’d like but it’s definitely better than some of the shows where we’ve had only 12 people, so this will still be good.”

We are sitting in an area off to the side, we can see the stage from where we’re sitting and we walk from here to the seating area to walk down the centre aisle to get to the stage, and when Ian gives me the warning he’ll be brining me up shortly I step into the seating area…only to find out while I’d been backstage the place has filled up and every space possible to fill has a chair and a person in it!! This place is packed, and this is awesome!!

My set went well, I was very happy with how it turned out and the crowd were amazing!

Our trip home was a little more adventurous…we avoided splatting an animal in the middle of the road (I think a raccoon) and we stopped for dinner on the way because dammit that’s what you do on road trips.

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