First show of the night between two for Saturday night, and I’m hoping things go better than last night, and they do. For the most part the crowd is laughing more at things, there’s more interaction and I’m not doing the same things I did the night before, which I mentioned in the previous blog that I wanted to stop doing.

We also have a guy sitting in the front near the stage and he’s so happy to be there, and his name is Jack, so I decide to call him Happy Jack. And I think his joy is infectious so I’m happy he’s happy and the crowd is happy.

Both of my sets are good so I’m definitely happier than the night before. The only downside is during Kyle Brownrigg’s set there’s an audience member that took offense to something he said during his act (which to me wasn’t offensive and didn’t deserve that kind of reaction) and it ended up with the audience member being approached by Leah the manager, and they proceeded to shove Leah which prompted them to be bounced from the club.

People have the right to be offended, even if they might be misguided, but no one has the right to shove someone else over it.

One more show tonight and then we’re done.

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